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Archive for June, 2013

Life as a CEO plus ‘Props’.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The Institute of Directors asked me to give a presentation at a  Women on Boards Conference, with the title, ‘Life as a CEO’. I used some ‘props’ to illustrate certain things and have been asked several times since if I could go through the points again using the ‘props’. So I thought I would share them here. With all the points, I gave several examples from my own experiences.

The first ‘prop’ used was of a model of transport used in many parts of the world and I used it to illustrate that CEO’s are not machines and can fix everything by themselves, however, if everybody works together, positive things begin to happen.

The ‘Stressbuster’ shows how critical communication is, and the ‘Dice’ helps staff understand what their contribution can be in taking the company to its next stage of development.

I use a ‘Lightbulb’ which I brought back from Disneyland in Florida to talk about flexibility and innovation and a ‘Coin’ to show how trusting your staff to do the job they have agreed to do has two sides to it.

Another ‘prop’ I used was the musical instrument, the ‘Triangle’. Apart from it being the highlight of my musical career, it illustrated what I call “Problem at the Top, Solution at the Bottom”. Again by all working together to solve a problem.

As I said at the beginning, I used examples from my own experiences to show how  I use these ‘props’, but I hope this brief explanation has given a taste of the presentation.  Thank’s for your time.


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