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Archive for August, 2013

Have you a skill that somebody else needs.

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

This ‘Thought Bite’ is small but interesting.

Martha Lane FoxIn our businesses,we all have different skills. For some, it’s a financial skill, for others it’s production efficiency, others it may be ITC. Whatever it is , it has a value. It has a value to the business and it can also have a value to other businesses who don’t have that skill but need it.

Martha Lane Fox, speaking at the Accelerate Conference earlier this year, talked about how useful it has been in the last few years, for companies and organisations to help each other and exchange skills. One company may have a ‘surplus’ of one skill, whilst another needs that skill, perhaps only in the short term, but by helping each other, the problem or bottleneck can be resolved.

Sometimes, we underestimate the skills we have and take them for granted, but it’s quite likely that somebody else really values what you have and through mutual respect of each others skills, the two parties may be able to help each other.

Just a thought.

The more ‘Official’ voices

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

This ‘Thought Bite’ comes via Lord Young who took to the stage at the Accelerate ’13 Conference in Liverpool earlier this year and although didn’t show any ‘passion’ for business, he did show commitment.

He talked about the various Government initiatives that are encouraging new start-ups and growing businesses to continue in their quest for success. The ‘Start up Loans’ were mentioned on more than one occasion. How they are helping small companies bid successfully for Government contracts and how FE Colleges are pushing hard to get students into businesses to give them ‘real world’ experience.

He also acknowledged  the expansion of the method of financing growth, quoting ‘Crowdfunding’ and  Angel Finance as examples.

The content of his speech was valid but there was something missing. Perhaps it was the passion and drive that all successful businesses have. It was a good speech but not a great one.

Onward and upward. More later.Lord Young

Innovation and Resonsibility

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Dr Pippa MalmgrenOn this ‘Thought Bite’ I’ve  combined a number of points that were raised at the Accelerate Conference.

One came from Andrew Haigh, from Coutts, who suggested that there are two main types of business models. One based on an open collaborative style and the other on Intellectual Property (IP) and it’s commercialisation., which is a more ‘closed’ style as it deals in IP rights.

Dr Philippa Malmgren, Founder Member of Principalis Asset Management, argued that Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Diversity will take us out of the current recession. Governments can’t.

This was echoed by Phillipe Legrain, Independent Economic Adviser to the EU President, agreed that governments can’t do everything, so it’s up to business to take responsibility for their own economic growth.

I agree that the onus is on the businesses and organisations to drive economic activity forward and this maybe by exploiting IP , but more likely, certainly in the short term, the more open style will provide the ‘quick wins’ that the economies need.

More later.

Ajaz Ahmed, on imagination and purpose.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

A short, but I think, important ‘Thought Bite’ comes from Ajaz Ahmed, the founder of Akqa.

He was talking about business and society and how the two are linked together.

His challenge to the audience at the Accelerate Conference was to have a purpose which is bigger than yourself. If you took your business out of society, would society be poorer ?

His statement was that the most powerful force isn’t technology, but imagination.

Now there’s a thought!

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