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Archive for April, 2015

When ‘confidential business conversations’ are not at all confidential.

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

1430318501621Last week I was sitting in a hotel lounge waiting for my visitor to arrive. In another part of the lounge, not too far from me, were two men having a business discussion. One (I assume the Sales Manager)was explaining to the other (I assume the salesman) that as his sales targets had not been met in the past three months (he went into great detail about his potential customers) he was in danger of losing his job. I felt quite uncomfortable at this point and was about to go over to them, when I realised they were finishing the conversation and about to leave the lounge.

This kind of conversation should not be happening in a public lounge of a hotel. Not only does it put the salesman in a difficult position but what is the impression given to anybody nearby, of the company and the way it discusses confidential issues.

Don’t loose a sale because you cannot keep confidential meetings, confidential. The impression is not good.

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