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Archive for February, 2016


Thursday, February 25th, 2016

20151209_160518Christmas and Christmas Markets seem a long time ago now, although the weather is colder now than it was two months ago. Then we mixed  business planning for 2016 and beyond, with a generous dose of being social and having fun.

A couple of months on, how is it going?Depending on when your year-end is, are you in Quarter one or four?

Talking to a client the other day, not only were we talking about last Christmas, we were also thinking back to when they first started on their business journey and how every penny counted. Slowly they built their business, sometimes there were painful moments, a ‘good’ customer went out of business and that made it very difficult in terms of cash-flow, but they had a little reserve and they just managed to pull through.

Planning for the bad times, as well as the good, is all part of growing the business. Life is full of peaks and troughs, that includes your business life too. But don’t forget the ‘fun’ bits too!

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